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Metal ship Sand

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Real ships are curved, and if they are as modern as the “Sand” model from our series of state-of-the-art working ships, then they are also made of steel. Real sailors, dockers, navy officers and, ofcourse, the coxswain work hand in hand on this ship. They perform all the steps necessary to ensure that the ship can soon set off on its next trip. But before this, the shipment must be unloaded and reloaded using the cargo gear. Set in a harbour landscape with footbridges and piers, the metal ship named “Sand” is not only an eye-catcher but also a meeting point and place for role-playing.

Fundamental characteristics

  • unique and original
  • eye-catcher
  • coloured design
  • high-quality design
  • stimulus to role-playing


  • for children from 5 years
  • for public play spaces
  • leisure areas
  • theme playgrounds


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